Scars #2

Scars make sense now.

The purpose of

your scars

is to manifet

a stronger

and mightier self.

So that,

your scarred soul

holds the strength

to abide and soothe

all the other

pretty scars.


Hey guys! You all should know that I with my writings, want to help everybody gain a positive approach towards life . I believe, its all about the perspective. We tend to waste our times cribbing about problems and often fall for the ‘black’ in life, rather than looking for solutions, finding the ‘white’ in life and never falling. Falling is natural but getting up is what matters. Let me know your thoughts about this post in the comments below. Hit like and follow if I could ignite even a little hope and inspiration in your heart. Thanks a lot! Love you all heaps!

P.S – I’m looking for a collaboration with a fellow writer. So, maybe you can leave me a message by visiting the contact page and telling me your details etc. (Click the menu button at the top of the page). And, you may be the lucky one! Eagerly waiting for your mails!

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Bye for now ❤


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