– Akshat Goyal



Dear best friend,

Happy Weekend! You might be sitting in your pyjamas, wrapped up in your beds, sipping a hot cup of coffee, surfing the internet, scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram feeds or WordPress readers and lazily killing time. However, if I tell you that you are Superman or Batman, or any of your favourite superhero, would you be spending your leisure time like this?

Well, I am about to tell you a secret. It is about YOU and I bet you are unaware of your possibilities. It is your ability to fly, touch the stars, and ride rainbows! It is your ability to become a SUPERHERO. Don’t you believe me? Are you thinking this is just crap? Because, it is not. And here lies your only problem – To BELIEVE and lay your FAITH in your potential.

You are not a normal human being. Your words hold the ultimate power of changing the uncertain into certain. You possess the extra-ordinary force to bring a revolution in the lives of millions of souls. Your body hides within itself a supernatural element that can help your soul conquer life and help all the unique souls to turn their lives 360 degrees. You, and only you, have that very special aura that can help even unworthy scrap, which comes in your contact to manifest its latent, worthy treasure. Your touch has the ability to heal the deepest scars and fill them with love and compassion. Your core is the purest entity, which can change the deadliest venom into life-imparting medicine. Your being can wipe off despair, distrust, fear, suspicion and corruption from the face of the earth. You, my dear, are an embodiment of a saviour from heaven, who has set foot on this planet to awaken everybody of their power and bring about an influx of positivity and goodness. You bear the weapon of kindness to kill the existing expressions of hate, anger, greed and hell. You are a burning flame that lights the candles of hope, love, confidence and joy in everybody’s hearts. Your vision has the power to open and see new horizons. Every fibre of your being and every ounce of your soul shimmers brighter than all the galaxies put together, to dispel all the darkness and negativity in this world. You have the capacity to give rise to a whole new humankind built on a strong foundation of unity, respect, love, pride, happiness and compassion.

Words fall short for describing your potential, which is even vaster than the deep, blue Pacific Ocean. At last, I would like to tell each one of you to have faith in yourself and start believing in your capabilities to achieve the impossible. You are a superhero and the world needs you. So, tie your laces and pick yourself up. We’ve got tonne loads of unfinished business. Let us go! RISE AND SHINE!


Yours truly

Akshat Goyal



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