You looked for joy in material, And in things which, Faded into mere oblivion. Little did you know, Happiness lies here, right now. Darling, it resides in your soul. Seize the moment, And never let  it go!       Advertisements

Crossing paths

We travel lands, Of far, unknown; Running past memories, Of the times foregone. A sight of love, Time stands still; Oh! There go Our hearts; Crossing paths, Once by chance, But millions by choice!


Steer your mind, Before it hogs your heart. Tame that thought, Before it rides your soul. Cast a spell, Before they leave you bare!


I look back at my life, and dust off my shoulders; of the chip I had, since.

The Monster

You can’t see my fears. You can’t feel my tears; For I wear a cloak, of latent scars and shiny stars. You hold on to me. You stand by me; And I wonder, Your ability to survive The monster that I abide.


You are the flame That lights up my soul. Burning bright of colours, Red and yellow.   You are the light That guides me my way. A glare, I barely stand; Glorifying each soul.   You are the heat That warms my heart. Such that every fiber of my being, fills with a sense of hope….


I have a desire To run wild, To let my demons out And escape unscathed. I have a desire To discover new trails, To find my quiet nook And exit the chaos. I have a desire To voice my words, To be heard And never run out of ink!  

A Masterpiece

Draw the course of your life. Paint your monochromatic universe. Add a little water to make the colours run. Let it dry and let your masterpiece shine. Just remember to choose the brushes carefully!

Silence of the Night

It is a hand of friendship that offers me warmth; Like a fur blanket that cuddles me when I’m alone. It is an enchanting memory that puts together my fragile broken smiles; Like a fluffy pillow that captures my dreams and listens to my cries. It is the shadow of my little fingers, up on…