The Gift of Love 

​I am blessed to have people  around me who love me, so much so that it when drips off my fingertips, I collect excess of it in a jar; for there are people, who need it more than anyone else in this world. And that is when I share this gift with them and help [...]



You were a trap.  You made me sink into you like quicksand. And I know that I'm drowning deeper and deeper, every second of every minute.  But I guess, I wouldn't  mind taking a swim into your depths, even if I have to die; even if it means, I won't survive.  Follow me on social [...]

Said, unsaid

Sometimes, words puncture the soul and injure the heart. But, things that are unsaid and unspoken, often rip the heart apart, rupture the soul and crush the bones. //Silent things are the noisiest// * * * Find me on social media: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

The stitched heart

I wear my heart on my sleeve waiting for someone like you to come and weave it back to my chest. //The story of the heart and a hundred stitches// * * * Find me on social media: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Like, comment and share! Thanks! Byee ❤


I could never know you, for you were a wave that rushed in and stole parts of my heart off the shore of my being like a million grains of sand, leaving behind no impression of your identity. * * * Find me on social media: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Hit that like [...]


In this world full of chaos, people bear masks of ugly to hide their pretty souls. Why portray artificiality when all of us possess something even more original, natural and precious? Every soul is beautiful in its own unique way and concealing it by unnecessary and material things is in my opinion, a crime to [...]